wine flight holder with soapstone slate
Rustic Acacia Wood Wine Flight Holder: Holds 4 Glasses

Rustic Acacia Wood Wine Flight Holder: Holds 4 Glasses

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Many people love wine, but not everyone knows the difference between the different types of wine. If you are looking for a stylish way to show people the types of wine that you are offering, this wine flight holder is perfect.

This beautiful holder is made from acacia wood and slate, so that you can write the type of wine that is in each glass below the glass. The wine flight holder comes with two pieces of chalk made of soapstone and should be a part of your next gathering.

This sturdy and durable holder has four cutouts that will hold a glass each of the different wines that you have to offer. Its tapered handle is smooth and offers easy transport to whatever room you would like to place the wine samples in.

This beautiful wine flight holder also makes a great gift for anyone who loves wine and who regularly has guests over. They will get the holder and two pieces of chalk so they are ready to go.

Whether this holder is being purchased for yourself or you are looking for a gift, it’s something that every wine lover will want to have. It’s a stylish and durable tray that can go anywhere you need it to go.


Strong and Durable: This holder is made from acacia and slate to create a strong and durable base.

Ideal for Entertaining: When you have a variety of wines to offer, this holder will display them beautifully.

Great Gift: Anyone who loves wine is going to love receiving this as a gift.


  • Measures 6.5 x 17.25 in
  • Has handles to make it easy to transport from room to room
  • Made from slate and acacia wood
  • Comes with two soapstone chalk pieces
  • Has four cutouts of 3.4”

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