small hanging metal lantern for your outdoor patio

Small Hanging Metal Lantern

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The rustic look and flavor of this small hanging metal lantern helps it to fit in with many types of décor. Place it outside when you’re enjoying the evening on your deck or use it on the table when the power goes out and you need to see to get around.

If you love the look of candles, we are certain that you will fall in love with this adorable small lantern. It’s is shaped like an asterisk from all sides, providing with you a unique and fun way to light up your world.

This cute small hanging metal lantern is perfect when you pair it with a citronella candle to ward off the bugs when sitting out on your deck. Or perhaps place a sweetly scented candle in it to help you relax while you relax in the hot tub.

The lantern also makes a fun and surprising gift for someone who loves the rustic and country life. With a silver colored asterisk cage and a dark top and bottom, it’s easy to find décor that the lantern will fit into.

Whether it’s going into your home or it’s a gift for someone else, this hanging metal lantern is sure to bring many smiles. It’s a small lantern that creates a big glow.


Unique Stylish Décor: Beautifully crafted lantern looks like an asterisk on all sides.

Portable Light: Its small size makes it easy to take with you when you need additional light.

Ideal Gift for Many Occasions: Those who are on your gift list and love the rustic look will find this lantern appealing.


  • Measures 9½" dia. x 12"
  • Lantern is shown with a 3” diameter candle, which is not included.
  • Beautiful silver colored asterisk shape lantern is simply stylish.

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