Half Gallon Caged Mason Jar Pendant Lamp

Mason Jar Pendant Light: Half Gallon Caged with Wall Plugin

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If you are looking for something new and different to light up any room in your home, this stylish mason jar pendant light may be just what you need. This handsome light has a rustic look to it and will give your home a whole different look.

This unique looking pendant light has a half-gallon sized mason jar without a bottom and includes a 15-foot lamp cord covered in cloth. The mason jar pendant light also includes 2 cord clamps so that you can adjust the lamp’s height, 2 ceiling hooks, simple to follow instructions and a switched socket.

You also don’t have to worry about calling an electrician when you choose this pendant light, since it can plug into any outlet without additional wiring. That’s one thing that will help you save money!

Looking for a unique gift for a special occasion? This mason jar pendant light also makes a great gift when you want to give someone a gift that will light up their life and enhance their décor.

Whether you want this for your own home or you want to buy a special gift for someone, this pendant light is a unique and stylish choice. It will give any space a new bit of flare.


Needs no Wiring: The light will plug into any outlet in your wall.

Perfect for Any Room: Has a unique and stylish look for any room.

Unique Gift Idea: When you’re looking for a gift, this light makes a unique choice for many occasions.


  • Measures 4.5" dia. and 11.25" tall
  • Half-gallon bottomless Mason jar
  • 15-foot lamp cord covered in cloth w/ switched socket
  • 2 ceiling hooks (finished)
  • 2 clamps to adjust the height of the lamp
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Does not require wiring, plugs right into outlet

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