Urban Frontier Large Barnwood Mirror (goes to floor)
Large Barnwood Mirror - Authentic Finish with 3-inch Frame
Large Barnwood Mirror - Authentic Finish with 3-inch Frame

Large Barnwood Mirror - Authentic Finish with 3-inch Frame

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A mirror is one of the most versatile items in your house – they come in many styles and sizes for your needs. This large barnwood mirror is no different.

This mirror has a weathered frame that features a natural brownish-grey wood-like finish. The frame is three inches wide and it’s decorated with very natural looking wooden knots to give it a truly farm-to-home look.

This large barnwood mirror can be used on your wall or vanity and it will make a beautiful accessory for your living room, bathroom, or bedroom. It has a full-length size to make it easy to get ready for your day and to see how you look from head to toe.

With your purchase of this large mirror, you also get hooks, so that you can hang it vertically or horizontally onto your wall. it also can be hung on the back of a sturdy and solid door to help you with saving space.

Looking for a gift for a teenager or adult? This stylish mirror will add to their décor and help them be able to view themselves in style each day.

Whether you need a new mirror for your home or you want a gift for someone else, this large barnwood mirror will give you the look and style you want. It’s durable, stylish and can go in a variety of places in the home.


3-inch Frame: This mirror’s frame is three inches around to provide a sturdy and durable foundation.

Versatile Style: Mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally as needed in your space.

Great for Any Room: You can use this mirror in any room where you need a mirror.


  • Comes with a 3-inch frame
  • Comes in 32x66 or 32x71
  • Beautiful natural looking wooden frame

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