3 indian wine bottle stoppers - yellow, orange and turquoise
Antique Indian Wine Bottle Stoppers (Red/Orange/Turquoise)
Antique Indian Wine Bottle Stoppers (Red/Orange/Turquoise)

Antique Indian Wine Bottle Stoppers (Red/Orange/Turquoise)

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There’s nothing like a nice glass of wine, but sometimes you can’t drink the whole bottle of wine in one seating. That’s why it’s good to have something like these indian wine bottle stoppers in your home.

These stylish wine bottle stoppers will help you keep your wine refreshing in style even after it’s opened. They have rubber rings on them that will help with creating tight seals on the wine bottles so that the wine tastes as good as when it’s first opened.

The Indian wine bottle stoppers come in three stylish colors: a beautiful gold color on a red stopper, a delicate design on orange, and a gorgeous red design on turquoise.

They each provide a decorative way so you can keep your wine tasty and fresh.

These Indian wine bottle stoppers have a base made of metal and a top made of ceramic. They are sturdy and durable and make great gifts.

Whether you are looking for a way that you can keep your own wine fresh or you want the perfect gift for a wine lover, these stoppers for wine bottles make the perfect choice. They come in a set of three, so you can give them all to one person or give one to three different people.


Come in a Set of Three: You get three beautiful bottle stoppers – red, orange and turquoise.

Saves Your Wine: The stoppers have rubber seals so that they can keep your wine fresh and delicious.

Great Gift Idea: Any wine lover would love these stoppers for any gift giving occasion.


  • Top is made of ceramic
  • Top has metal inlay and a metal base
  • Will provide a secure fit to most spirit and wine bottles
  • Makes an ideal gift for one or up to three people

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