host beer freeze cooling pint glasses: The perfect cold one in summer heat

Host Beer FREEZE™ Cooling Pint Glasses (Set of 2)

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When the heat turns up and all you want is a cold drink, you need one of these host beer freeze cooling pint glasses to keep your drink cold. Although they are made for beer, you can use them for your favorite beverage.

Just imagine sitting outside on your patio or deck with your friends and having a drink that is cold for hours without ice melting into your drink. It’s not a dream – just get some of these host beer freeze cooling pint glasses and pour your favorite drink into it.

These pint glasses are made from BPA free plastic and having cooling gel in between the plastic walls. This has been made to help your cold drink stay cold for hours without the watering down effects of ice.

Simply place your glasses into the freezer for a couple of hours upside down. This will ensure that the gel spreads throughout the glass and helps keep your drink cold.

Whether you are enjoying a cold beer, some iced tea, lemonade or even just a glass of water, these host beer freeze cooling pint glasses are going to help keep your drink cold. Just the thing that you need when the hot weather hits!


Great for Entertaining: Keeps your drinks cold without the need for ice.

Useful for Many Drinks: Can be used for a lot of different beverages

Awesome Gift Idea: These pint glasses make the perfect gift for anyone


  • Wash only by hand
  • Store in freezer upside down to allow gel to spread
  • Holds 16 ounces
  • Great gift idea
  • Must have for entertaining
  • Keeps drink cold without ice

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