antique coal bin - a rustic vase for flowers

Authentic Antique Coal Bin Vase (Set of 2)

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Bring back the memories of days gone by with this antique coal bin set. This set of two stylish antique coal bin vases will bring a bit of nostalgia to any room and add to your home’s country look.

With today’s technology, its easy to forget the simpler things in life. This set of antique coal bin vases will help you remember a time when life was simpler.

With this set of two antique coal bin vases, you get a small and a large vase. They are perfect to put in your kitchen, dining room, guest room, bedroom or craft room.

These antique coal bin vases are perfect to use for items like cooking utensils and flowers. They’re not safe to use for food, but they will enhance the look of your home and make an ideal gift.

These stylish antique coal bin vases have barn roof finishes with the appearance of galvanized metal on their exterior and interior. For yourself or for a special occasion gift, these vases will make the ideal choice to enhance an antique or country home.


Stylish Antique Look: These vases have a stylish antique look thanks to their barn roof finishes that look like galvanized metal.

Comes in Set of 2: You don’t just get one vase but you get two of these stylish vases so that you can use them in different rooms.

Many Uses: You can use these vases for many uses, such as holding flowers, cooking utensils and many other items you want to store in a stylish way.


  • Vases measure 4.5” in diameter at their base and they’re 10.5” tall.
  • Vases are beautiful antique grey color to enhance any room 
  • Perfect to use in any room in your home
  • Great for flowers, utensils and other small items
  • Do not use for any food items
  • Comes in set of two

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