Off white kitchen large canister ceramic with wooden lid
Large canister for kitchen lid off to the side

Kitchen Organizer: Large Canister Ceramic & Textured Petals

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It can be hard to find the right storage item that is going to go with just about any type of décor. But that’s what makes this kitchen large canister - ceramic so different.

When you are looking for a way to store your baking supplies, like flour or sugar, or you are looking for the perfect place to put cookies, this ceramic canister is ready to fit in. It’s white color and tan top makes it easy to fit into any kitchen.

When you are looking for something that makes an ideal gift for any occasion, this kitchen large canister – ceramic also makes a great choice. For holidays, birthdays, weddings or other special occasions, this canister will be a crowd pleaser!

Not only does this ceramic canister have a neutral color to it, but it also is subtly yet intricately decorated with a floral pattern over its whole surface. What a pretty way to enhance your kitchen!

Whether you are looking for a gift or you want it for your own kitchen, this stylish canister will make a choice you can be happy with. It’s made to fit into any space without any problem due to its neutral color.


Great for Bakers: This canister can easily hold things like sugar or flour in style.

Fits in Seamlessly: It will fit in with any kitchen because of its white color and brown top.

Makes the Perfect Gift: Since it can fit in any home, it will make an ideal gift for any occasion.

Kitchen Organizer: Large Canister (Ceramic) Popular Uses

Display on kitchen shelves or tuck away inside your favorite kitchen cabinet

Store common baking ingredients such as flour or sugar

Make it your own fancy cookie jar with your favorite treats (just keep it out of reach of those toddlers)

Pair alongside its sister product, the smaller kitchen canister (also ceramic)


  • Made from sturdy ceramic
  • Can be used for cookies, sugar or flour
  • Has beautiful flower embossed texture
  • Comes with air-tight seal and wooden lid
  • Perfect to pair with smaller canister

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