Lucus Weathered Rustic Gray Wood Ladder (6 ft)
Rustic Gray Wood Ladder (6 foot)
Rustic Gray Wood Ladder (6 foot)
Rustic Gray Wood Ladder (6 foot)

Rustic Gray Wood Ladder (6 foot)

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When you think of the country, one thing that often comes to mind is beautiful homemade blankets and quilts. This rustic grey wood ladder (6 foot) is the ideal way that you can display them.

This handsome rustic grey wood ladder will look so stylish in your bedroom, sewing room or any other room in your house. It has five rungs to it and the ladder measures 20” in width so that you have plenty of space.

Each rung’s length is 18”, has a depth of 2.5”, and has a thickness of one inch. They are spaced a foot apart and the rungs and the ladder are a beautiful grey color.

This rustic grey wood ladder is handmade with wood that’s been selected by hand so that you know you’re getting a quality item. The wood is stained in a non-glossy matte stain and has hidden hardware, so it has a sleek look.

Since the ladder is made from natural wood, all of their wood knots and wood grain are unique to the individual ladders. The ladders also come totally assembled so you can start using them right away as soon as they are delivered.

If you are looking for someone who loves to make quilts, this quilt ladder also makes a great gift for any special occasion. For birthday or holiday, it’s something they will love.


Handmade: This ladder is handmade and has a sleek look to it.

Natural Wood: Each ladder is made of wood for a natural beauty.

Neutral Color: Since the ladder is grey, you don’t have to worry about whether it will fit in your décor.


  • Measures 20” wide and 6 feet tall & 20” wide
  • Rungs are spaced 12” apart from each other, and they’re 18” long, 1” thick, and 2.5” wide, 
  • The hardware is hidden so that it has a sleek look.
  • Ladder comes to you assembled and immediately ready to use
  • It shouldn’t be used to climb, just for displaying and holding blankets or quilts.

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