Large 40 Watt Vintage Bulb for rustic interior lighting

Large 40 Watt Vintage Bulb

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If you love the look of days gone by, you can give yourself the ultimate vintage look with this large 40 watt vintage bulb. This working vintage bulb will fit in any of your standard lamp sockets and adds a bit of vintage appeal to your house.

This incandescent bulb has an Edison base and features glass that is slightly amber. Finishing off the look is a filament that’s quite interesting that makes it look truly antique.

When you want to give your home a nostalgic look and feel, this working large 40 watt vintage bulb will make a perfect idea for you. It will make a fun addition to your home and give it a unique look and feel.

There have been so many changes to the light bulbs that have completely removed the design of Edison. That’s why this large 40 watt vintage bulb is such a refreshing options.

Whether you are planning to buy it for your home or you are going to give it to someone as a gift, this vintage bulb will make a unique addition to any home.

Place it in any lamp in your home and you’ll be taken to a simpler time and be reminded of Edison’s amazing inventions.


Unique Vintage Look: This bulb has a vintage look that goes back to the time of Edison.

Perfect for Any Room: This light bulb can be put in any type of lamp socket.

Great Gift Choice: This is the perfect choice to go with a lamp when someone loves the vintage look.


  • Measures about 2” in dia. and 5" tall
  • Glass is colored slightly amber
  • Interesting filament 
  • Stylish way to light up your room
  • Unique antique shape

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